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"He calls himself an imam and feels that he is untouchable. He wants to judge others but he himself is a lot of trouble," said Mr Zuhairi Miswari, an intellectual from Muslim organisation Nahdlatul Ulama.

Indonesian Institute of Sciences analyst Siti Zuhro said: "Everybody is equal before the law, whether it's Ahok or Rizieq.

The case is centred on his alleged remark to an audience that Mr Sukarno had written an earlier version of Pancasila that did not prioritise a belief in God.

Mr Rizieq had been jailed twice previously - in 2003 for inciting his followers to violently harass people at nightspots in Jakarta, and in 2008 for attacking a minority group holding a vigil in the capital.

I don’t think I’d be offended if I found out that Rob had faked it because I've faked it before. I have two kids, I'm tired, there's tea on, there’s I’m A Celebrity, I have things to do." She went on: “I’m too much of a people pleaser. You want them to feel strong and manly.” But in a shock twist just minutes later, Robbie then ran on stage and shouted: "Oh my Lord." While the panel asked if he was listening, he scoffed: "Was I listening? " "You have been faking it, with me Robbie Williams, popstar, 18 Brits!

"I’m still having sex at 77 – but I live at number 4," he told the panel.

"When Rita has an orgasm, she pulls my face, scratches my face, and pulls me on the nose.

"Investigators are now examining the content and materials of the people featured and will question them later.

But the experts will first have to prove whether the materials and exchanges are fake or real," Senior Commissioner Argo said.

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