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The first thing to try is to warn the player in private that he is breaking the rules of the server (refer to question 7). to become a more popular server and attract more player to join us. So if you vote in less than 24h since last time the vote will not count.

If he continues feel free to open a ticket describing the player's behavior and name (get screenshots to back you up). That, in turn, will improve your game experience by providing shorter RDF times, more people for Battlegrounds and Raids and also a more that can be redeemed for even more gear mounts, pets and even gold. The MPs are rewarded on the next day on your first login.

She said they would spend hours together in Second Life, a virtual community in which people reinvent themselves as "avatars" and interact on a purely virtual level.

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, according to a police affidavit filed in the case.

Voting is rewarded according to what the Ranking sites tell us. To check how many Maniac Points you can check your Currency tab through the game's UI directly by pressing C (by default) or type: ".reward view".

There are two ways to register for the RAF benefits.

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